Whole reason as to why.

Why am I writing poems. Me of all people? Actually, I have yet to answer the question. Actually, I was very bored in literature class. Um, I was sort of depressed, more over INSPIRED. I don't know, doesn't matter. My life is so boring nowadays, plus the "Serenade" poem, doesn't really make sense, cause I started out with like "Huh?..." and in the middle I wasn't even thinking. I was dazing off but still writing. By the way, copyrighted Serenity.

[edit] Stupid poem didn't really make sense. The..."Lost in Lust and Love" one. It was quite stupid plus I wasn't really thinking. I was just thinking of bright cherry coloured lips. [/edit]

[edit 2] Lost in Lust and Love was edited and now renamed to Lost in Love.[/edit 2]

[ All credit belongs to me and nobody else, I do not have another site. ]


Blank slate, blank state, nothing I could do to change my state.
Nothing I can say to rearrange my fate
I'm not changing a thing about me.
I'm not about to be driven mad with desire.
I have no desire to go to you with my eyes in flame and my heart full of fire.
The higher I go, the more likely I'd fall,
The lower I go I'd never surpass you all.
The more dangerous it is, the less scared I should be.
The more you act like I stranger to me, the more I want to strangle myself.
I'm scared of losing, losing all the things I've gained up until now.
I'm scared of starting all over again.
Maybe I just have to get over you.

Never Together Forever.

Never together forever.
Forever together for never.
Why must such things go on in circles?
Why must things go on like your wounds will heal?
Nuh uh, that's not how I feel.
Nothing is fine,
No, it's not alright.
All I ever feel is pain and injustice.
Nothing feels right, nothing is fine, nothing a cup of wine could possibly fix. Something beyond my abilities, capacities, mortality.
I'm just human.

Existence and Beauty.

Frantic and shining,
Skinny and dazzling.
How could you resist,
An existence that does not exist.


Your face filled with grace.
The chicken full of taste.
I simply cannot imply,
How your beauty can multiply.

Lost in Love.

Cherry coloured lips
a morning full of grace.
My heart cannot keep pace,
your gaze full of grasp.
Something more deadly than your gaze, your grasp, your face.
Something I cannot embrace, cannot replace.


Simply imperfection
How could anyone grieve for me, vow for me.
I longed for you, I expected rejection.
Now we serenade the night away.
Together forever.

Nothing to Gain.

We go through the rain just to see what we gain.
We go through the pain just to find that there wasn't anything to gain.
Everything I've done and been through is still unexplained.
I can't blame this on god maybe he just doesn't care.
It's just like having a mind that decided to damage my already damaged hair.
Again and again, what's the point?
Nothing could be fixed even if I tried smoking a joint.
I'm not into drugs, I'm not into sex.
I just want to be appreciated and that's enough said.

Pain and Desire.

I'm sick of this bullshit inside of my head.
I'm sick of this bullshit, you can have it instead.
The moaning, the grieving,
the morning sunlight.
The pain and desire returns by midnight.

I Ponder.

I ponder upon your absence,
I ponder upon our distance.
Yes, I ponder upon our existence.
My whole entity and yours.
What are we?

Forbidden Fruit.

One taste, one smell forbidden to all,
but lest it be the sweetest of all.

Purple Grace.

A tint of purple in your eyes,
a shot of grace on your face.
Your lovely reflection does not show.
Though you were thy only beauty
that was also thy foe.

His Decision.

Sinner, I am.
Angel, you are.
He will not allow
for we will not prevail.


Fate damn slanted.
Heaven won't take me,
Hell barely wants me.
Nothing left; just remorse.