Naruto Shippuuden : Episode 83 
Jigoku Shoujo: Mitsuganae : Episode 22 / 24
Vampire Knight ~Guilty~ : Episode - 5 / 13
Rosario + Vampire Capu2 : Episode - 7 / 12
Black Blood Brothers : Episodes - 10/13

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New Start

March 1st, 2009.

Refer to me as Serenity, I don't like stalkers.
My first post of 09. I haven't updated since last year, and I won't be updating much on my weebly.
Mostly on my blogspot. 
The link is provided IF you want to read.

The poems section won't be updates until I am inspired randomly once again.
I will be very busy from the following September and there afterwards.
So keep in mind, my updating will be VERY VERY RARE.
I also have DeviantArt. Rarely on that too.
On crunchyroll I have two accounts, ObliviousSerenity and _SweetSurrender, no I don't go on that often either.