...Don't you just hate people who ignore you and doesn't state a reason as to why? Then they don't exactly tell you that they don't want to be friends anymore or anything...o_O 

Also, they like talk to you ONCE in a while but not much at all, when you talk to them they ignore you. Wtf?


First, during history class I got yelled at but I wasn't even talking T_T; I was actually listening to John and Divya's conversation, since they're always interesting.

So, I'm stupid, I told my homeroom teacher about the PEDOBEAR, which is btw very scary. She kinda freaked, I was kinda freaked too, but I wasn't wearing anything exposing. ZOMG, I finally remembered, this dude (old dude) looked at me for a long time while he was walking past me. I decided not to challenge him in a staring contest. I'd do that with teachers sometimes because its funny how they react XD! Um, yeah, sorry XD..anyway it's not that I don't care that pedo bear was there or the fact that some dude had that pedo bear thingy on a piece of paper. I think they were just being funny and like sticking it on them, I really don't think it's anything y'know..sick? I'm not sure, I just didn't go near them. If anything, call police?

PLUS: I wear the usual baggy tshirt and jeans and to add it was uber hot but I carried on with like a jacket on XD! I didn't really care, but being exposing was like devastating :D...cause uh scary people. WAH I WANNA SEE KITTY EAR SASUKE AGAIN!! T.T; wahh he's too cute <3 :D hmmm....anyways thats about it.


At first I was nervous to ask people if I could take a picture of them. Then I actually dug up the courage to ask. There were quite a lot of pedos there + Yaoi lovers. XD

I walked in the dealers area and then I hear.."YAOII, YAOII~!!" some were even guys. (Not that I have anything against homosexuals.)

I was disappointed in how little people cosplayed as a Vampire Knight character. My first picture was in line when these two beautiful couples came along dressed up ~! It was Akatsuki Kain and Souen Ruka I think. Well, sorry if I got it wrong. But they were awesome XD. The guy looked as good as Akatsuki Kain. The girl was just sparkling XD!

I wasted $20 on admission and I originally brought $80 bucks with me. I spent $79 total including admission fee. Excluding it would be $59. I bought TONS of bookmarks x)! (Yay, 50cents!) I bought a keychain, two cellphone charms, a Domo t-shirt, and Kurohime volume 5. Then I used like the rest of my money for food. One hugeass sausage for FOUR BUCKS T_T..Then a medium ice cap and a chocolate dipped doughnut. YES, I EAT A LOT. But I woke up at 6:30am and I only got like 2 hours of sleep. Plus I didn't eat anything in the morning so like screw you :)! I also bought two buttons. yay buttons! What else did I buy? Hm. I bought like 3 Lucky Star Bookmarks, three art bookmarks and one sasuke one? was sora. Then I bought uhhh? (I think that was it)

About cosplay again, I took a picture of Sailor Mars, and she was probably the best looking one out of all of them.
Same with Konata Izumi, Kanda Yu, and I think it was Touya Rima? or maybe Ruka?...Well she looked the best. and there was a group of Noah's, THEY WERE THE BESTTTT <3 also, I was shunned out for Ouran~! Would've been nicer if they were all guys XD. but they were all girls, never the less, they were good x)!
Another thing, this one dude playing cloud WITH A HUGE ASS SWORD WHICH WAS LIKE SUPER HUGE. He...was...MUSCLY!! and armpit hairless LOL XD..

Uploading pictures in the Avatars & Pictures section of my fave group and chars.

thank you Krystal and Jocelyn AND Krystal's mom for bringing me to my first anime con. <3 I ENJOYED A LEG NUMBING EXPERIENCE. I was there since 8amsomething til 7pmsomething . SIGH TIRING!


[edit] I left out a lot of things. Like the awesome Yuuki and Alice in Wonderland. Plus, Yuna from Final Fantasy, Kanda Yu, Lenalee, Road Kamelot, SASUKE WITH KITTY EARS <3 he was so cuteeee! I wanted to like SMOOSH HIM TO DEATH LOL. Except I didn't want to be a weirdo even though the place with flooded with weirdos. I wanted to get a hug from him, but I got a hug from an akatsuki member which was around my age? and uh a caucasion guy. The caucasion guy barely let me take a picture >w< he kept walking in between me and sasuke~~!! WISH I GOT HIS NAME XD HE WAS SUCH A CUTIE. LOL XD Someone that cosplayed Temari was awesome and so was a girl who cosplayed Rosette from Chrno Crusade, she had an awesome fake gun XD it was like...ORANGE ISH :D. ALSO TALIM. !! such awesome people. some dude cosplayed as cloud too, he was old and kinda freaked me out but never the less, good costume.[/edit]


So, in history class today...I started thinking. When I ask 'Are you okay?' I'm more like, 'trying' to care but I don't remember actually feeling like I cared. It's just a thing I've learned to do due to societal publicity and social status. Plus, I think I've gone through worse than scraping my knee against the asphalt and recieving a scar from such an incident.

I mean, there are some things I DO care about. Just that I can't really find my emotions at the time. (I want an hourglass.) I care about my boyfriend. Uh well, I can't find my emotions at the right time, doesn't look like I care, but I do. Other times, I just don't really care. I think it's a disease. From Joanne. She has an uncurable habit of "My personality is 'iduncare'" and well I kinda respect her for that.

There were some others things that pissed me off today. For example, people who are always like "I'm gonna fail, fricking MUTHA*&@^*&$@" and I'm like, honestly, I'm failing, not you. So, do me a favour and STFU. Okay? Okay, they don't swear but when they keep going they're going to fail and they end up with like 70% and above...I'm just like, that is so bs. (bullshit.) Well, I'm kind of starting to fail a lot of things. I'm not actually failing, but I'm getting 50's and 60's. I swear, I'm getting a D/C average. Don't ask, D/c sounds cooler than C/D.

I spent like forever just talking to ALBERT. o_O He sits beside me, he's like a scientist. He's so smart LOL. Like, we talked about science all morning. LOL. Well, he talked the most sorta. I was just sitting there listening. I was quite fascinated.

I think this is all I'm going to write, nothing in particular about my life today except for the fact that I'm stuck at home on a super warm sunny day.