Cause clearly, you have nothing better to do than call me a whore and whatever. Because playing badminton clearly started meaning that you gotta call people a slut and piss them off during Phys. Ed period. Well, without me over using the phrase "fucking piece of shit" etc, you won't shut the fuck up will you. Man, get a life, instead of trying to bring down my self esteem in hopes of making us do worse in badminton, try playing for one. You talk too much.

When I confront you, you got nothing to say. Stand around like there's fucking shit on my head. Man, if you can't back yourself up, just shut the fuck up. WASTEEEEEE. WORD.


First, during history class I got yelled at but I wasn't even talking T_T; I was actually listening to John and Divya's conversation, since they're always interesting.

So, I'm stupid, I told my homeroom teacher about the PEDOBEAR, which is btw very scary. She kinda freaked, I was kinda freaked too, but I wasn't wearing anything exposing. ZOMG, I finally remembered, this dude (old dude) looked at me for a long time while he was walking past me. I decided not to challenge him in a staring contest. I'd do that with teachers sometimes because its funny how they react XD! Um, yeah, sorry XD..anyway it's not that I don't care that pedo bear was there or the fact that some dude had that pedo bear thingy on a piece of paper. I think they were just being funny and like sticking it on them, I really don't think it's anything y'know..sick? I'm not sure, I just didn't go near them. If anything, call police?

PLUS: I wear the usual baggy tshirt and jeans and to add it was uber hot but I carried on with like a jacket on XD! I didn't really care, but being exposing was like devastating :D...cause uh scary people. WAH I WANNA SEE KITTY EAR SASUKE AGAIN!! T.T; wahh he's too cute <3 :D hmmm....anyways thats about it.


So, in history class today...I started thinking. When I ask 'Are you okay?' I'm more like, 'trying' to care but I don't remember actually feeling like I cared. It's just a thing I've learned to do due to societal publicity and social status. Plus, I think I've gone through worse than scraping my knee against the asphalt and recieving a scar from such an incident.

I mean, there are some things I DO care about. Just that I can't really find my emotions at the time. (I want an hourglass.) I care about my boyfriend. Uh well, I can't find my emotions at the right time, doesn't look like I care, but I do. Other times, I just don't really care. I think it's a disease. From Joanne. She has an uncurable habit of "My personality is 'iduncare'" and well I kinda respect her for that.

There were some others things that pissed me off today. For example, people who are always like "I'm gonna fail, fricking MUTHA*&@^*&$@" and I'm like, honestly, I'm failing, not you. So, do me a favour and STFU. Okay? Okay, they don't swear but when they keep going they're going to fail and they end up with like 70% and above...I'm just like, that is so bs. (bullshit.) Well, I'm kind of starting to fail a lot of things. I'm not actually failing, but I'm getting 50's and 60's. I swear, I'm getting a D/C average. Don't ask, D/c sounds cooler than C/D.

I spent like forever just talking to ALBERT. o_O He sits beside me, he's like a scientist. He's so smart LOL. Like, we talked about science all morning. LOL. Well, he talked the most sorta. I was just sitting there listening. I was quite fascinated.

I think this is all I'm going to write, nothing in particular about my life today except for the fact that I'm stuck at home on a super warm sunny day.