What does this world expect from me anyways? I have tears streaming down my face. You don't see god helping me. It's probably because I chose my own path. I don't regret it but I just don't know what to do anymore. I can't take it, I swear I am just going to break down one day. Also, I'm not even emo or anything like...and I look even more sad than my emo friend. SHE SLIT HERSELF. I APPARENTLY DON'T OKAY?


Don't you just hate it when a friend tells you how annoying and stupid another friend is and then talks to them all friendly and close and appears like they're their best friend or some shit.

Well, here's some advice, if you really do hate that person, don't talk to them. If you don't, then why are you saying stupid shit about them? (LOL STUPID SHIT, that GIRLICIOUS song...o_O) What's the point in being a two face bitch about it? Okay, like, I understand that I may do that sometimes, but I don't do it everyday...or like right after I say that stuff . O_o

Well, I'm really annoyed and I haven't gotten much more to say. Oh right another thing is, I hate when people DITCH you. Isn't that kind of immature? Well, if you don't want to go SAY IT OUT. I don't really care and I won't force you if you have your reasons.

One more thing, I hate it when people try to FORCE you to do something. But then again YOU FEEL BAD FOR SAYING NO. So you don't really say anything. Then your friend shall annoy you for the rest of your life. LOL. jking. but it's annoying...


This is one of those days where I have no clue why it happened. What was the point of today again? Being late, being annoyed 'til no end by stupid prejudiced people, I was also very irritated by the reaction of my boyfriend when he found out I wanted to visit my friend in Brampton.


Okay, like, WHY on earth does people have to cling onto you like you're a refrigerator and they're magnets? FYI, I'm made out of the same floating particles as you except for maybe the colour of particles, lul. I'm frustrated, I THINK I'M JUST CONSTIPATED. No, it's just you. HAHAHA. No.
Jesus, when I'm all tired, everyone decides to be affectionate with me. DO ME A FAVOUR AND FUCK OFF cause I'm sweaty and tired. END OF FRICKING STORY. I mean when I get away from your grasp, SIGN NUMBER ONE BUDDY.