Isolation. 05/31/2008

I hate how people isolate themselves in their own little world. Come on, that's why I'm here as your friend. I'll take the pain with you and don't use "You'll never understand." as an answer for everything. Just cause I won't understand doesn't mean you don't have to share. Don't think that you can bare the whole world on your own shoulders. We're not made out of steel, we can break too. I wish people would understand why we bother to put up with their attitude and everything.

Plus, I feel really stupid right now. Last post for the month of May, I just broke up with him. I do regret it, cause I really do love him. But my grades are shit and yeah...

Wtf? 05/29/2008

...Don't you just hate people who ignore you and doesn't state a reason as to why? Then they don't exactly tell you that they don't want to be friends anymore or anything...o_O 

Also, they like talk to you ONCE in a while but not much at all, when you talk to them they ignore you. Wtf?


First, during history class I got yelled at but I wasn't even talking T_T; I was actually listening to John and Divya's conversation, since they're always interesting.

So, I'm stupid, I told my homeroom teacher about the PEDOBEAR, which is btw very scary. She kinda freaked, I was kinda freaked too, but I wasn't wearing anything exposing. ZOMG, I finally remembered, this dude (old dude) looked at me for a long time while he was walking past me. I decided not to challenge him in a staring contest. I'd do that with teachers sometimes because its funny how they react XD! Um, yeah, sorry XD..anyway it's not that I don't care that pedo bear was there or the fact that some dude had that pedo bear thingy on a piece of paper. I think they were just being funny and like sticking it on them, I really don't think it's anything y'know..sick? I'm not sure, I just didn't go near them. If anything, call police?

PLUS: I wear the usual baggy tshirt and jeans and to add it was uber hot but I carried on with like a jacket on XD! I didn't really care, but being exposing was like devastating :D...cause uh scary people. WAH I WANNA SEE KITTY EAR SASUKE AGAIN!! T.T; wahh he's too cute <3 :D hmmm....anyways thats about it.


At first I was nervous to ask people if I could take a picture of them. Then I actually dug up the courage to ask. There were quite a lot of pedos there + Yaoi lovers. XD

I walked in the dealers area and then I hear.."YAOII, YAOII~!!" some were even guys. (Not that I have anything against homosexuals.)

I was disappointed in how little people cosplayed as a Vampire Knight character. My first picture was in line when these two beautiful couples came along dressed up ~! It was Akatsuki Kain and Souen Ruka I think. Well, sorry if I got it wrong. But they were awesome XD. The guy looked as good as Akatsuki Kain. The girl was just sparkling XD!

I wasted $20 on admission and I originally brought $80 bucks with me. I spent $79 total including admission fee. Excluding it would be $59. I bought TONS of bookmarks x)! (Yay, 50cents!) I bought a keychain, two cellphone charms, a Domo t-shirt, and Kurohime volume 5. Then I used like the rest of my money for food. One hugeass sausage for FOUR BUCKS T_T..Then a medium ice cap and a chocolate dipped doughnut. YES, I EAT A LOT. But I woke up at 6:30am and I only got like 2 hours of sleep. Plus I didn't eat anything in the morning so like screw you :)! I also bought two buttons. yay buttons! What else did I buy? Hm. I bought like 3 Lucky Star Bookmarks, three art bookmarks and one sasuke one? was sora. Then I bought uhhh? (I think that was it)

About cosplay again, I took a picture of Sailor Mars, and she was probably the best looking one out of all of them.
Same with Konata Izumi, Kanda Yu, and I think it was Touya Rima? or maybe Ruka?...Well she looked the best. and there was a group of Noah's, THEY WERE THE BESTTTT <3 also, I was shunned out for Ouran~! Would've been nicer if they were all guys XD. but they were all girls, never the less, they were good x)!
Another thing, this one dude playing cloud WITH A HUGE ASS SWORD WHICH WAS LIKE SUPER HUGE. He...was...MUSCLY!! and armpit hairless LOL XD..

Uploading pictures in the Avatars & Pictures section of my fave group and chars.

thank you Krystal and Jocelyn AND Krystal's mom for bringing me to my first anime con. <3 I ENJOYED A LEG NUMBING EXPERIENCE. I was there since 8amsomething til 7pmsomething . SIGH TIRING!


[edit] I left out a lot of things. Like the awesome Yuuki and Alice in Wonderland. Plus, Yuna from Final Fantasy, Kanda Yu, Lenalee, Road Kamelot, SASUKE WITH KITTY EARS <3 he was so cuteeee! I wanted to like SMOOSH HIM TO DEATH LOL. Except I didn't want to be a weirdo even though the place with flooded with weirdos. I wanted to get a hug from him, but I got a hug from an akatsuki member which was around my age? and uh a caucasion guy. The caucasion guy barely let me take a picture >w< he kept walking in between me and sasuke~~!! WISH I GOT HIS NAME XD HE WAS SUCH A CUTIE. LOL XD Someone that cosplayed Temari was awesome and so was a girl who cosplayed Rosette from Chrno Crusade, she had an awesome fake gun XD it was like...ORANGE ISH :D. ALSO TALIM. !! such awesome people. some dude cosplayed as cloud too, he was old and kinda freaked me out but never the less, good costume.[/edit]


So, in history class today...I started thinking. When I ask 'Are you okay?' I'm more like, 'trying' to care but I don't remember actually feeling like I cared. It's just a thing I've learned to do due to societal publicity and social status. Plus, I think I've gone through worse than scraping my knee against the asphalt and recieving a scar from such an incident.

I mean, there are some things I DO care about. Just that I can't really find my emotions at the time. (I want an hourglass.) I care about my boyfriend. Uh well, I can't find my emotions at the right time, doesn't look like I care, but I do. Other times, I just don't really care. I think it's a disease. From Joanne. She has an uncurable habit of "My personality is 'iduncare'" and well I kinda respect her for that.

There were some others things that pissed me off today. For example, people who are always like "I'm gonna fail, fricking MUTHA*&@^*&$@" and I'm like, honestly, I'm failing, not you. So, do me a favour and STFU. Okay? Okay, they don't swear but when they keep going they're going to fail and they end up with like 70% and above...I'm just like, that is so bs. (bullshit.) Well, I'm kind of starting to fail a lot of things. I'm not actually failing, but I'm getting 50's and 60's. I swear, I'm getting a D/C average. Don't ask, D/c sounds cooler than C/D.

I spent like forever just talking to ALBERT. o_O He sits beside me, he's like a scientist. He's so smart LOL. Like, we talked about science all morning. LOL. Well, he talked the most sorta. I was just sitting there listening. I was quite fascinated.

I think this is all I'm going to write, nothing in particular about my life today except for the fact that I'm stuck at home on a super warm sunny day.